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Patented Sanijet Pipeless Technology


Since 2000, Sanijet PipelessTM Technology has been the driving force behind the ultimate blend of powerful hydromassage, unmatched sanitation, and unrivaled peace and quiet. Our patented PipelessTM jets have provided homeowners, spas, salons, health care facilities and hospitality operators with the safest, most advanced spa bath and pedicure equipment in the world.

Sanijet PipelessTM Technology eliminates the need for pipes and air channels that provide a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. And because each jet has an independent, whisper-quiet motor, our technology also eliminates the need for loud pumps and air blowers. What's more, our technology was developed over the course of seven years to achieve ideal water flow and maximize the health benefits of hydromassage.

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Low Maintenance
Pipeless whirlpool baths are low maintenance and easy to clean. Purewater Baths are safe for the use of bath salts, essential oils, and other bath products without worrying about residue build up in pipes. All wet surfaces are easily accessible and can be completely disinfected in approximately 5 minutes. Learn more about our low maintenance advantage.

Many piped whirlpools and air baths have jets that can damage muscle tissue. However, our patented Convergent and Dynamic Flow Technologies are designed to provide a safe and relaxing hyrdomassage experience. Learn more about our Sanijet pipeless & trade technology.


As an avid golfer I look forward to my "spa" treatments at home. I am so happy that we installed a Purewater Baths in our master bath remodel. I really feel like I'm on vacation each time I turn on the lights and jets. Plus, cleaning is so easy. Thanks Purewater Baths!

I purchased four pipeless hydrotherapy drop-in pedicure units in Febuary/March of 2012.  We have absolutely loved the quality of the pedicure sinks over the last year. Our clients are always blown away with the luxury and esthetic appearance of the units.  

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