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Our Difference - Clean Quiet Whirlpool Baths

Cleaner. Quieter. Smarter.

Conventional whirlpool baths are inherently flawed. With mazes of pipes, pumps and hidden air channels, there is virtually no way to eliminate stagnant water that can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. It's a problem that only gets worse over time. And, then there's the noise. It's difficult to relax when you can't hear yourself think over the sound of the pump.

Purewater Baths are inherently different. Engineered with Sanijet PipelessTM Technology, our patented hydromassage jets are powered by ultra-quiet, individual motors that greatly reduce noise while eliminating the need for pipes, pumps, and air channels that hide stagnant water. Quite simply, Purewater Baths are the cleanest, quietest whirlpool baths in the world.


As seen in the world's finest spas.

When world-class performance and unparalleled safety are the absolute standard, spa experts who know and promote authentic spa hydrotherapy select Purewater Baths. You'll find us in many of the world’s premier spas and resorts – The Ritz-Carlton, St. Regis and Canyon Ranch, just to name a few.

When you compare, there's no comparison.







Accessibility to Wet Surfaces

Every component that comes in contact with water is easily accessible from inside the bathing vessel for quick and easy cleaning.

Hidden components (jet bodies, air bubblers, air channels, up to 30 feet of water or air piping, fittings, pumps and blowers) trap bathing residue that can promote the growth of infectious bacteria and are inaccessible for proper inspection and cleaning by hand.


At just 58 decibels (dB), jets function quietly and smoothly for a more relaxing bath.

Higher decibel levels in whirlpools (68dB) and air (77dB) baths create noisy environments that are 2x and 4x louder, respectively.


Patented system developed by hydromassage experts. Convergent and Direct Flow Technology provide spa-quality performance and a customizable spa bathing experience.

Most piped whirlpools and air baths offer an assortment of jets and air holes to create “hydromassage.” Jets that are too powerful can actually damage muscle tissue, while air bubbles have little impact.

Spa and Bath 

Enjoy essential oils, bath salts, and aroma therapy products. Residue can be completely removed with a simple, thorough cleaning.

Most manufacturers caution against using bath salts, oils or other additives, as they build up in the piping and air channels making an unsanitary system even worse.


Retains less than 0.2 fluid ounces – about a teaspoon – which is easily accessible for quick cleaning.

Retains more than 13 fluid ounces of dirty bath water, which is inaccessible for cleaning. Bathers often feel this dirty water as a “cold water blast” when the system is activated.

Heat Loss

Loses only 1.5 degrees of temperature in a 20-minute bathing cycle, almost imperceptible to the human body.

Loses up to 8 degrees of heat in 20 minutes due to the injection of cool air, lengthy external piping and air channels. Expensive in-line water heaters are required to attempt to maintain water temperature for these systems.

Your Satisfaction
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As an avid golfer I look forward to my "spa" treatments at home. I am so happy that we installed a Purewater Baths in our master bath remodel. I really feel like I'm on vacation each time I turn on the lights and jets. Plus, cleaning is so easy. Thanks Purewater Baths!

I purchased four pipeless hydrotherapy drop-in pedicure units in Febuary/March of 2012.  We have absolutely loved the quality of the pedicure sinks over the last year. Our clients are always blown away with the luxury and esthetic appearance of the units.  

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