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Hydromassage - Ultra-quiet Hydrotherapy Spa


Purewater Baths combine simple water flow and advanced technology to create a spa bathing experience worthy of the name.

Go with the perfect water flow.
Developed by hydromassage experts, our ultra-quiet jets are calibrated to deliver optimal water flow – powerful enough to provide hydrotherapy to deep muscle tissue without damaging the surrounding tissue. The jets on many whirpool baths can actually produce a blast of water that can be harmful to delicate muscle tissue.

Purewater Baths are designed with two water flow options. Convergent Flow Technology™ brings gentle but powerful streams of water together from multiple jets to envelop your body in a soothing cushion of soothing relaxation. While Dynamic Flow Technology™ focuses the relaxing power of water directly on targeted muscle groups to ease tension and relieve stress.

Elite Hydromassage System.
When building your Purewater Bath, select the Elite Hydromassage System for a truly personalized spa experience featuring a variety of massage modes and an advanced, multi-function command panel with timer display. Or, select the Essential Hydromassage System for basic hydrotherapy. Both systems feature automatic shutoff after 20 minutes.

Water stays warmer, longer.
Conventional spa baths lose up to 8 degrees of heat during a typical bathing period due to the injection of cool air and lengthy external piping and channels. By comparison, Purewater Baths only lose 1.5 degrees during that same period – a change that is almost imperceptible to the human body. This reduction in heat loss virtually eliminates the need for an expensive in-line water heater.

Designed for safety.
Unlike conventional whirlpool baths with powerful intake pumps, our Sanijet PipelessTM Technology eliminates the risk of hair entrapment with low velocity water intake, making bathing safer for users of all ages.

Your Satisfaction
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As an avid golfer I look forward to my "spa" treatments at home. I am so happy that we installed a Purewater Baths in our master bath remodel. I really feel like I'm on vacation each time I turn on the lights and jets. Plus, cleaning is so easy. Thanks Purewater Baths!

I purchased four pipeless hydrotherapy drop-in pedicure units in Febuary/March of 2012.  We have absolutely loved the quality of the pedicure sinks over the last year. Our clients are always blown away with the luxury and esthetic appearance of the units.  

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