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Commercial Whirlpool Baths, Walk-in Baths, and Pedicucre Sinks


Whether you're a hotel or health care provider, a salon or bed and breakfast, you have a business to run. Purewater Baths has the complete range of spa baths, pedicure sinks, and walk-in baths that will provide your customers with an amazing experience and give you an advantage conventional whirlpools and air baths can't offer – the cleanest, quietest hydromassage in the world.

With Purewater Baths, rest assured you are keeping your customers safe. Our Pipeless Technology makes jets easy to clean and eliminates bacteria build up. And, the Convergent and Dynamic Flow Technologies of our hydromassage jets ensure the water flow is safe for delicate muscle tissue. Our hospital grade walk-in baths are safe and easy to access and we offer models specifically for “transferring in” from a wheelchair, lift, or walker.

All of our commercial whirlpool baths and pedicure sinks are customizable for your business. Explore our whirlpool baths, walk-in baths, and pedicure sinks.

Purewater Baths offer your business:

  • Pure, clean water for every guest.
  • Ultra-quiet operation for multi-unit facilities.
  • Hospital-grade sanitization in about 5 minutes.
  • Disinfection certification by NSF International.
  • Customer support.
  • An excellent warranty.




As an avid golfer I look forward to my "spa" treatments at home. I am so happy that we installed a Purewater Baths in our master bath remodel. I really feel like I'm on vacation each time I turn on the lights and jets. Plus, cleaning is so easy. Thanks Purewater Baths!

I purchased four pipeless hydrotherapy drop-in pedicure units in Febuary/March of 2012.  We have absolutely loved the quality of the pedicure sinks over the last year. Our clients are always blown away with the luxury and esthetic appearance of the units.  

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