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Clean Pipeless Whirlpool Spas

Clean to the last drop.

Water is fundamental to human life – fresh, pure and clean. It sustains our health and cleanses our bodies. Shouldn’t the water you bathe in be as sanitary as possible? When you choose a Purewater Bath, it’s all the little things you don’t see – will never see – that set your PipelessTM whirlpool bath apart from the rest. In fact, we're the only spa bath that meets the demanding certification requirements for disinfection by NSF International.

When you're in a piped whirlpool, you’re not alone.

We believe you have a right to know the facts. In testing conducted by microbiologists at Texas A&M University, 100% of water samples taken from piped whirlpools and air baths from locations throughout the United States tested positive with high concentrations of infectious bacteria. That's why Purewater Baths use pipeless technology, so there's nowhere for harmful bacteria to hide.

Putting our patented technology to the test.

To provide credible, independent certification that Purewater Baths can be totally cleaned and disinfected, we submitted our spa baths with Sanijet PipelessTM Technology to NSF International, a world-renowned, independent not-for-profit organization committed to public health and safety.

NSF simulated exaggerated unsanitary bathing conditions for 7 consecutive days. Each day, bath soaps, bath oils and five types of pathogenic microorganisms (Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, E. Coli, Candida albicans and Aspergillus fumigatus), along with a nutrient source for the microorganisms, were added to fresh water and circulated for 60 minutes before being drained. On the seventh day, our jets were hand-cleaned using an off-the-shelf, non-abrasive antibacterial cleaner (Lysol), rinsed, and sterile water was circulated for 5 minutes and then tested.

The tests showed that Purewater Baths are 99.9% hygienic, meeting complete Level II EPA disinfection under Protocol P182. As a result, we are the first and only spa baths certified for disinfection from NSF International.

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As an avid golfer I look forward to my "spa" treatments at home. I am so happy that we installed a Purewater Baths in our master bath remodel. I really feel like I'm on vacation each time I turn on the lights and jets. Plus, cleaning is so easy. Thanks Purewater Baths!

I purchased four pipeless hydrotherapy drop-in pedicure units in Febuary/March of 2012.  We have absolutely loved the quality of the pedicure sinks over the last year. Our clients are always blown away with the luxury and esthetic appearance of the units.  

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