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Purewater Baths - The Purest, Cleanest Whirlpool Baths

Like water itself, innovation has its source.

At Purewater Baths, we are guided by a simple belief – that we have a responsibility to provide our customers with the purest, cleanest and healthiest bathing experience in the world. Purewater Baths, engineered by Sanijet, provide many advantages over piped tubs, from health and safety to heat retention and sound level. Learn more about the Sanijet Pipeless difference or see our baths in action.

Our company began in 1993, when bath manufacturer, John Booth, was shocked to discover that common cleaning methods to remove residue from conventional, piped whirlpool baths simply did not work. He determined that the only effective solution for removing the residue and bacteria found in whirlpools was to eliminate the hidden pipes, air channels, pumps and blowers that retain water and breed dangerous bacteria.

After 7 years of research and development, Sanijet PipelessTM Technologywas created. And today, with continued investment in advanced technologies and unparalleled standards of excellence, our industry-leading, patented hydromassage system provides the cleanest, safest and most advanced whirlpool bath, walk-in bath and pedicure equipment in the world.

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